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A great small business offering website design that is good value and has great results. It is hard to find good value web designers these day that arent looking for a quick buck, or want you to sign up to other packages.
cheap website design

Cheap But Well Produced Website Design

I like to spend a lot of time researching for other companies and also watching out for good up and coming designers. Jdog Website Services has a great little portfolio and also good website them self’s.

Navigation was easy, I was bale to find the information I was looking for and also they provide a range of products. One of the option i did notice was a maintenance package. This seemed very good value to me as it involves both the hosting and most of the admin work for a fairly small price. Paying a bit more will also get you content written up monthly along with the admin work also.

You can send in a quote form and they get back to you very fast. And they also have a help desk to create a ticket. I used the help desk and also had a pleasant experience having a chat about how to improve WordPress security.

It ends up they also have many tutorials on other WordPress related matters.

WordPress Tutorials

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As I was looking through the site I noticed they infact do many categories covering many aspects of WordPress. From security, to analytics, installing plugins and even a long video from start to finish of begging a WordPress site.

I spent some time looking over the use of Cloudflare with WordPress and may also use some of this going forward in the future. I highly suggest taking a look yourself. This is perfect for anyone looking to start WordPress or potentially get a nice looking site created for them.


There are many designers out there and it can be hard to find one to suit your niche. As we all know the look and how well your site works is a must. So for this reason I suggest heading over and checking it out. Send the a message as i found out they have a larger portfolio of websites to show if needed and are currently also working on creating E commerce sites.


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