Whistleblower Law Suit

whistleblower law suit

If you’ve recently become aware of a company’s illegal practices, you may be eligible to file a whistleblower law suit. Whistleblower law suits are filed under seal, meaning that all records about the suit are confidential. Only the United States Department of Justice, the assigned judge of District Court, and local United States Attorney are granted copies of whistleblower lawsuits. Whistleblower lawsuits are usually confidential for 60 days, and in some instances, the whistleblower will still be paid some amount. Click here –

You May Be Harmed By Your Decision

However, you should always remember that the government does have the authority to dismiss a whistleblower lawsuit. Under federal law, a company may not dismiss a whistleblower case without a valid government purpose. While this may seem harsh, it is important to keep in mind that the whistleblower is entitled to at least a portion of any recovery. This can be a substantial part of a successful whistleblower lawsuit.

A whistleblower law suit may be the only way to get the compensation you deserve if you were the victim of fraud or other illegal activity. In many cases, whistleblowers are afraid to report fraud because they fear retaliation. However, under the False Claims Act, companies are legally liable if they retaliate against a whistleblower. And since the cases are filed under seal, the whistleblower may not know about retaliation for months or even years after the fact.

The False Claims Act is the federal law that covers most types of false claims. Drug companies may try to convince doctors to prescribe drugs for unapproved uses and this could also result in a False Claims Act case. Whistleblowers who succeed in these types of cases have the potential to receive large rewards. It is worth investigating the facts involved and weighing your options. If you’re concerned about your case, consider contacting an attorney who specializes in false claims lawsuits.

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