RV Awning Shampoo

RV awning shampoo

There are several options for RV awning shampoo. One of the most popular types is Dawn Ultra Dish soap. This liquid soap can be diluted two parts to eight parts water. It is safe for all types of awnings and does not damage the fabric. You can also use regular household cleaners. Typically, you need two parts cleaner to eight parts water. Once the mixture is mixed, roll up the awning and wait about an hour before scrubbing it with a brush.

 How to Clean an Awning

Aside from being safe for outdoor and marine fabrics, awning cleaners are made for cleaning the canvas. Many of these products contain bleach, which can fade colored shirts and clothing. Those whose awnings are protected by a clear coat should use a product that contains no bleach. There are several other brands available, including Easy Green and Camco. To make your selection, choose a formula that works well on a variety of surfaces.

To clean an awning, first measure the width of the entire awning. For example, if it is 18′ wide, use the corresponding RV awning shampoo. For stubborn stains, repeat the process once more. To clean the awning, use a soft brush and avoid rubbing it too hard. A stiffer brush will clean the awning more effectively. Afterwards, rinse thoroughly. After the awning has been thoroughly cleaned, you can move on to cleaning the other parts of the awning.

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