Canadian Social Entrepreneurs

Today, there are thousands of young people across the country starting their own businesses. While there are challenges in this area, Canadian social entrepreneurs are proving to be an up-and-coming force in the industry. They can help others in their local community by providing services that solve a real-world problem. These individuals are also able to attract investors, lawyers, and other resources to help them succeed. But before they can become global players, they must first get the necessary support and approval from investors and lawyers. Click here – Craig Kielburger

Excellent Resource To Learn About Canadian Social Enterprises

Canadian social entrepreneurs

For example, the Ashoka network started in 2006, when it recognized that the changemaker community needed support along the entire changemaker lifecycle. With the goal of making the world a better place, Ashoka supports people tackling social problems at their root. Its Canadian chapter connects leading Canadian social entrepreneurs to a global network of changemakers and mentors. For more information on how to become a social entrepreneur, visit the Ashoka Canada website.

The Canadian chapter of SXSW provides an excellent resource to learn about Canadian social enterprises. Lauren McLaughlin, the Director of 100 Seed$ Atlantic, is a former board member of Habitat for Humanity Nova Scotia and the Volleyball Nova Scotia organization. Her experience in building the social enterprise movement in Canada and the world can serve as a model for future social entrepreneurs. If you’re interested in learning more about social enterprises in Canada, check out our directory of Canadian social enterprises.

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