What Are the Different Types of Lightining Protection?

What Are the Different Types of Lightining Protection?

One of thelightining protection – Alltechglobal company first steps in lightning ¬†protection is installing a lightning rod. This is a metal rod mounted on a structure. Its purpose is to protect it from lightning strikes. But what exactly does it do? And how do you know if it’s working? This article will discuss the different types of lightining protection and what each one does. It will also provide some useful information for those interested in lightining prevention.

Choosing the right material to create a lightning protection system is important. While copper is the base material for most systems, other materials such as bronze, brass, and aluminum are also suitable. For instance, a 3/8-inch copper air terminal would be sufficient to protect a building. However, a larger size aluminum air terminal would be more suitable for a large scale project. And, a building with a lot of insulated materials should consider replacing any computer that may be in the way.

Some changes to a building can require maintenance of the lightning protection system. For example, re-roofing or adding antennas will require maintenance. The workers from other trades will not take care to install the lightning protection system components correctly. Additionally, modifications to a building’s structure, such as vent stacks, can affect lightning protection. Similarly, a neighboring process stack can emit a substance that destroys materials.

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