Does Air Fryer Cause Cancer?

Does air fryers cause cancer? This is one of the biggest questions people who own an air-fryer might ask. It’s a very good question, especially when you think about how common cancer is right now. Dr. Robert Atkins, author of the book “The Atkins Diet”, has spoken about the link between eating saturated fats and cancer. Heading further into the medical concern of this air-fryer, I will be going deeper into it and answer any other questions you might have regarding it.

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When a person eats foods high in fat content, trans fat, he increases his body’s risk of getting cancer in the future. Foods like deep-fried chicken, French fries, fried lobster, fried turkey and cookies are all high in trans fat. Eating these foods on a regular basis increases a person’s risk of getting cancer. The same goes for an air fryer. Therefore, does air fryer cause cancer, the answer is yes.

A person can lower his or her risk of getting cancer by changing their cooking habits. This can be done by replacing the deep-fried items with a healthy alternative. A healthier alternative would be to pan fry the chicken or fish in a healthier oil like olive oil. This can be done by simply adding extra virgin olive oil to the water used to cook the food in. Cooking vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower in vegetable oil will also help in avoiding cancer. So, does air fryer cause cancer, the answer is yes, and no.

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