How Does Copper Recycling Work?

copper recycling

Copper recycling, also known as copper ore recycling or salvaging, is a good method to bring the used up copper to its original state. By recycling these metals, you can save up to 90% of the original value. The best thing about recycling these metals is that apart from saving money, you are also helping to protect the environment from the all-too-common effects of copper mine pollution. The metallic elements found in copper and bronze are non-reactive with many kinds of paints and coatings, making them highly ideal for recycling. In addition, recycling copper also helps in preserving the environment as recycling is done mainly for the benefit of nature.

The best Recycling about recycling metals

For starters, copper recycling brings back not just the metallic elements but also the protective insulation that these alloys possess, making it an excellent solution for scrap electrical motors and components. Scrap electrical motors and components come with huge price tags, especially those that are made from bronze and copper. These materials have high melting points but extremely low softening points; hence, they require extensive heating in order to soften them up enough to be used in electronic devices. However, this leads to a lot of waste and a big environmental problem, since electronics and other high-tech products contain significant amounts of lead. Recycling saves a lot of money on buying new parts and avoiding lead-based paint and coatings. In addition, recycling reduces the amount of trash being dumped into landfills and waters, since most copper scraps are useful for various other applications.

In terms of a scrap copper recycling program, the first step would be to find a local scrap copper recycler who will accept your copper scraps after sorting them according to size, type and condition. The scrap metal collector will then process the materials and dispose of them in a safe manner. You can either collect the unwanted scraps yourself and take them to your local scrap copper recycler himself, or you can also arrange for the material to be taken away from your home by contacting your local municipal office and asking them to send someone for collection services. The entire process will usually take place over a period of one week to one month, depending on the copper recycler and the amount of scrap being turned in.

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