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building inspections Taupo

Building inspections Taupo are essential to ensure your building is up to current safety standards and has the potential to hold up to future building growth. Building surveys allow building contractors to know what future developments may impact the structure of the property, as well as identifying any defects or other concerns they should be aware of before construction begins. A number of different types of building inspections can be undertaken, including: pre/post sale building, pre/post construction, pre-purchase building inspections and asbestos testing among others. All building inspections are delivered via an online connection, says Kerry MacLennan, manager of building consultancy agency Garry & Kerry.


In addition to building inspections delivered online, you’ll find a wide variety of other services and resources available in the city. If you need to know about sewer and water quality, for example, you can request an estimate and inspection of your sewer line and septic tank from a company who specialises in both, MacLennan says. “We can advise you on the status of your local sewage system and recommend any necessary action that might be required.” The company also provides a list of approved contractors with contact information, if you want to hire someone else to inspect the structure of your building. You can also search for contractors in the directory and check whether they’re registered by the government or have the required license.


When you’re hiring a contractor, make sure you discuss building surveying and design with them, says MacLennan. “You want them to be fully aware of the building survey plans and specifications to ensure the project is approved to local government and building authorities.” To help you ensure that your building is up to code, local agencies like the City of Taupo will also be able to give you advice and recommendations. You can also search the city directories for online resources that can help you with building surveys and design.