How A Debt Collection Agency Can Harass You And Ruin Your Credit Rating

Debt Collection Agency

When it comes to getting rid of a debt collector you have two options. The first option is to simply ignore them and hope they move on. While this may work for a while it will not do anything to repair your negative credit history. It will also not prevent the same debt collectors from calling you in the future, nor will it prevent them from calling a different creditor on your behalf to collect another debt. In order to obtain the best results and to put a stop to these annoying calls you need to take a look at what a debt collection agency – First Capitol can and cannot do to you.


Debt collection agencies can sue you for any reason. This includes not just for not paying your debts, but also for not paying your debts in full. There are even some debt collectors that will use aggressive tactics including threatening you with violence if you do not pay them. These are all examples of ways how debt collection agencies can legally abuse their power, and when this happens you are legally entitled to a large amount of compensation for their illegal behavior. So how do you go about defending yourself against these illegalities?


One of the best things that you can do is to find a debt settlement company. By going with a legitimate, reputable company you will be able to negotiate a smaller amount of debt with them and also you will be able to keep all of the money that you would have paid out to the debt collection agency. The company will still collect a small percentage of the debt (this is typically around 20%) and will then permanently charge off your credit card, keeping all of the money that you would have given them. This is a much safer course of action than having to give them a large sum of money in legal fees.