Jodhpurs For Horse Riding


Jodhpurs (loosely translated as “breeches”) are an ancient style of horse riding apparel. They are made out of a material known as “castor” and are extremely lightweight, so much so that they are difficult to be seen over the top of the animal. While they were originally created to keep the horse’s feet dry during the hottest parts of the day, jodhpurs today are worn mostly for comfort, and have evolved to include more fashionable and stylish features such as grommets and zippers. These days, jodhpurs can be found in a large number of different styles and colors to suit just about any taste imaginable.


Jodhpurs are a type of riding breeches, which are more technically correct than horse riding chaps (a term borrowed from the English). Jodhpurs, or simply jodhpurs, are long tight-fitting pants that reach down to the calf, where they join the tight-fitting jodhpurs breeches, which are another kind of horse riding apparel. Though technically not meant to form a complete path, jodhpurs do function like one because they cover the belly and have a waistline. For that reason, it is rare to see a jodhpurs completely devoid of clothes, as they are usually paired with some kind of a loose fitting shirt or a skirt.


Today’s jodhpurs are designed and sold as more fashionable items. Jodhpurs today come in a wide array of different designs and colors, including traditional patterns such as paisley, floral prints, polka dots and other traditional motifs. Some popular modern designs include stripes and polka dots, as well as other bold abstract designs. Modern jodhpurs are usually made out of soft, breathable cotton, which allows them to mold to the shape of a rider’s body for maximum comfort. Because of this, jodhpurs for horses are often used for dressage exercises, as well as being a great way to keep warm during cold months. And because they are made out of lightweight material, jodhpurs often don’t require any ironing at all, making them easy to keep clean and ready to use.