Miroslav Vyboh – A Career Story

Miroslav Vyboh, a native of Ukraine and educated in Belgrade, has been an accomplished race car driver with a variety of teams. He joined the Ferrari team in 1990 and won two races that year, including the German GP. Since then he has won four more grands Prix with Ferrari, including the U.S. GP. In 2021 he was diagnosed with testicular cancer and had to pull out of the final race of the season. Because of this, he missed the rest of the season and was never able to compete for Ferrari in the Tours de France, but was named driver of the year for the second time after scoring victories for Jaguar in the European Touring Car Championship.

Miroslav Vyboh – A Career Story

In 2021 he joined the new American squadrons of Jaguar and Lotus and also fought to win the Drivers Championship against the three-time defending Formula One champion Damon Hill. Vyboh qualified for the U.S. GP but was hit by an accident in the second qualifying session and missed the event. This lead him to miss the subsequent races due to illness, and he returned to Europe to help Lotus win its maiden Formula One title. He joined Ferrari full-time in 2021 and won four out of five races, but suffered a broken foot in the final round of the season.

Miroslav Vyboh is one of the most impressive career stories in the history of motor racing, and stands almost alongside Sir Jackie Stewart as the best Ferrari car racer of all time. Vyboh was named a Driver of the Year twice and a Team Title once at Jaguar and is second only to Jacques Renault in number of wins. Only Mario Bezza has achieved even higher honors for a Ferrari driver, while only Hill has achieved the same for Jaguar.

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