Puppy preschool – Training 101

puppy preschool

Every month, Puppy preschool hold a Puppy Prep School session. The fee is normally only $25 per pup. This class usually lasts around an hour but could run a bit longer with additional instruction or discussion depending on the puppy’s progress. The main objective of this training class is to introduce your puppy to the basic skills he will need to become a well-mannered dog.

Puppy preschool – The basic skills he will need to become a well-mannered dog

Most puppy preschool sessions will start with petting and snuggling. Your puppy will soon realize that he can trust you, and you in turn will begin to praise him for his good behavior. Praise him each time he meets a stranger, or performs any task that he had accomplished previously. This is also the perfect opportunity to establish some socialization skills. Let your puppy explore new environments, but always remember to only let him meet with other dogs. He needs to learn that all dogs are just as capable as he is, so it’s your job to keep things safe and clean.


A lot of experts believe that you should introduce your puppy to a variety of new experiences, for the first two or three weeks, before you ever introduce him to his preschool environment. By this time, your puppy should have learned to differentiate between friend and foe. You can begin this process by taking him shopping, letting him sniff all the different kinds of things. As an adult, he’ll be able to recognize a friendly face in a crowd. During this time, play with your puppy in an enclosed area for about half an hour each day.


Teaching basic manners to your puppies at puppy preschool will prepare him for how people really interact with him as an adult. During this time, play games with him to keep him entertained and his behavior will improve. This is important to help him develop social skills that will make him a well behaved dog when you take him out on his own. Teaching basic manners to your puppy will make both of you more comfortable with each other as you spend more time together. Puppy training is an important part of raising a well-behaved dog.

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