Termite Inspections Brisbane – Where The Insects Come From And What To Do About Them

termite inspections brisbane

How do Termites Affect Homes In Brisbane? The destructive insects infest Brisbane properties more so than anywhere else in Australia. This is why having a reliable termite inspection Brisbane company is a must to ensure that your home is free from them forever. These nasty pests are known to cause the big expense incurred on home renovations every year by homeowners who are not careful about them.

Termite Inspections Brisbane

These insects are considered the biggest threat to humans and property in Queensland because they have already proven that they can be dangerous and kill people when not treated right away. They usually infest buildings where the soil is dry, damp and moist. Most of the time they are attracted to dry leaves, decaying wood and other items that can support their growth. If you notice them in your home, you should contact a Brisbane termite inspection service immediately. Your home could be infested by these insects already if you don’t have an expert to inspect it for you. They will tell you how the infestation started and whether or not it has spread.


It is important for you to know if your home is infested by Termites as this is where the majority of their food comes from. If you are in Brisbane and looking for a good Brisbane termite inspection service, you need to find one that has experts who have been trained and certified to inspect houses for infestation. Most companies out there only claim they have the capability to carry out the inspection but when asked for samples, they fail to give you a written confirmation that they have done this.