Changing Places in a Bathroom – An Innovative Idea

changing places toilet

Changing Places in a Bathroom is an innovative and exciting idea that will allow the elderly or disabled people to change locations whenever and wherever it suits them. Changing Places Toilet is bigger than a normal accessible bathroom and comes equipped with: adjustable height changing bench/trolley, wall-mounted storage drawers and shelves. In addition to this, Changing Places in a Bathroom also has two shower cubicles and has a toilet seat that is convertible. The wheelchair-friendly facilities have been designed with comfort and ease of use in mind. The company offers a wide range of products and options for mobility and special needs users.

Changing Places in a Bathroom is a great place to go when you are going to change positions. It provides privacy and security to the users as well as the added convenience of an available toilet. You can also avail a towel holder. This means you won’t need to run after your towel. The facilities also have a hand crank which enables you to roll up the top of the toilet seat for a more comfortable experience. This feature helps in reducing the stress and strain and also reduces the risk of you slipping.

You can find many styles and sizes of the Changing Places in a Bathroom. There are many designs and models to suit different needs of people who are looking to make this a regular fixture in their bathrooms. Some of these include; double folding seats; traditional style; modern styled; with raised backrests, or with straight backrests; etc. These designs are available to fit any bathroom, whether it is big or small.

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