What to Know About Linen Fabric

If you want to buy linen fabric, then it is important to know the different types of this kind of fabric and what they are used for. The name linen is derived from the Greek words “linos” which means linen and “tritos” which means woven. Linen is basically a fabric made from the flax plant fiber. The fiber of linen fabric has exceptional absorbency and many materials made out of linen are very fresh and cool. Linen is commonly used to make many household items including towels, bed linen, etc.

How Linen Is Made

There are various types of linens and linen fabrics available in the market. It is important to know what you really need before you buy them. You might think that towels and bed linens are enough but do you really have to buy expensive designer clothing? Do you know that you can get such items at your local grocery store? The other reason why linen is always a good option is because they last a very long time. If you want to buy linen fabric, then here is a list of the most common types of these materials.

Cotton: Linen fabrics made out of cotton are extremely durable and are very easy to clean and maintain. These are generally the most used type of fabric on hand. Cotton linen fabric comes in a wide variety of colors, patterns, designs and sizes. It is also very versatile when it comes to cleaning and maintenance.